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Web Design

We create elegant websites

We design elegant and secure websites that are optimized for all devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop monitors.


Search Engine Optimisation

Maximize the visibility of your website with our Search Engine Optimization services. Our goal is to help your website rank at the top of search results.


Face lift for your old website

Give your outdated website a fresh look with our website redesign services. We’ll bring your site up to speed for a modern, updated appearance.

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Affordable Web Design & Development

Phuket's WordPress specialists

WordPress powers over 35% of the internet, from large e-commerce platforms to personal blogs. We have been building, maintaining, and upgrading WordPress websites since the early 2000s and are here to answer any questions you may have.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Web Design & Development

Web design is an art form, and your website design should reflect your corporate identity. In today’s digital age, your website is the primary source of information for potential customers. We offer custom WordPress theme services to create an all-inclusive, versatile, and tailored solution that is both responsive and compatible across different platforms. Our goal is to make the development process a positive experience.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Digital Marketing

Maximize your online presence with our integrated online marketing services, which blend SEO, display ads, and social media marketing to drive qualified traffic and conversions at the lowest possible cost.


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Who we are

We are the decisive factor behind your success

Stand out from the crowd with M.BIZ, a web design company in Phuket that offers more than just design services. We provide real business consultancy for your online project, communicating in a clear and easy-to-understand language, without the use of technical jargon.

We believe in guiding and coaching our clients from the start to ensure the success of their project. Our commitment to our clients is evident in the time and attention we dedicate to making them comfortable in the daily use of their online tools.

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Frequently asked questions

M.BIZ sets itself apart from other web design companies in Phuket by offering real business consultancy for your online project. Our team communicates in a clear, easy-to-understand language, without the use of technical jargon. We guide and coach our clients from the start to guarantee the success of their project and dedicate as much time as needed to make them comfortable with the daily use of their online tools.

Our team is efficient and fast, allowing us to publish the basic structure of your website in less than a week (for basic websites). The time it takes to complete your project may vary based on its complexity, with personal/freelance websites taking 1-2 weeks, business websites 2-3 weeks, and corporate websites 3-6 weeks. The readiness of your content is also a factor, as we cannot “invent” the content you need.

The “per page” pricing model for web design is no longer used. We create a platform (CMS) that you can access easily from anywhere and fill in the content you need. You have control over your own content, with the ability to create, modify, and delete pages and articles without any extra cost. Our team will charge you only once for the whole system.

Even if you are not comfortable using the CMS, our team can fill in the content for you. The basic content and structure is included in our packages, and if you need regular updates and uploads, we can invoice you based on the workload. Let’s discuss your needs and find a solution that works for you.

This is a common request from our clients. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to achieve a high ranking on Google search. It takes time and effort, as well as a combination of factors, to be visible and achieve a high ranking. Our team will make sure that your website has what it takes to achieve this goal, but ultimately, it depends on the time, budget, and effort you dedicate to it.

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