What is it?

A face lifting or total rebuild of your website

A website redesign is a detailed process in which we will revamp your site. This typically includes updating old and obsolete content, refreshing old layouts, and improving users’ navigation for better conversions and optimal site performance.
Your website is your corporate image and forms the foundation of your digital identity. It is very important that it can convey the right feeling to your visitors and allow them to find the right information.

There are few aspects to consider in a website redesign and update.

  • First, the technical side: What platform has your website been built with? Is it a dynamic or a static website? Are you in control of the hosting and domain?
  • Second, have you taken the time to draft a roadmap and a refreshed content, or will we work on this together?
  • Third, did you determine the budget and timeframe for this update?
  • Fourth, if your website turns out to be very old, will you consider a full rebuild with a more modern platform such as the CMS WordPress?
Do I need one?

When should you consider a redesign?

You may go for a website redesign for many reasons. These reasons may be one or many of the following:

  • Re-branding or repositioning
    Whether it is a marketing strategy to change the perception of an organisation for business reasons or changing the understanding of your customers around your brand, a redesign may be very much needed.
  • Launch of a new product or service
    The launch of a new product or a new service line invariably calls for a redesign to accommodate the new features and functionalities.
  • Adding more functionality to your website
    If you need to add new functionalities to your website, tweaking the current layout becomes inevitable. We must ensure that these new features you want to add will meet your desired business goals and be technically possible to implement.
  • Optimising for conversions bases data-backed insights
  • Revamping for a responsive web design
  • Improving SEO and site performance
  • etc…


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