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What do we do?

We make sure your website is visible

Many customers ask us whether we can provide SEO services and auditing for their websites?

YES, we do offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Phuket and online. 

OK, let’s set one thing straight before we start: There are no magic wands and no miracles that will allow your website to be ranked first in search engines results. And, most important… there is no way to cheat your way up!
The ONLY way to be well ranked and remain on top is by following the rules.
Luckily, these rules are well known and published by the major search engines (Google SEO Guidelines, Bing Guide…).

The most important rule of all was, is and will always be “the CONTENT” of your website!
And this is the only thing that we will leave up to you.

So what is SEO?

How does SEO work?

In the eyes of most internet users, a website is simply a batch of pages with texts, images, videos and some special effects. The reality is far more complex than that!
Take for instance this page: it is made of more than 450 lines of codes, links more than 10 different template pages to it and builds its content from a separate database!
We will make sure that the codes of your pages are correctly written and follow the guidelines of the major Search Engines.
And this is just one part of the task. We will also make sure that your “URLs”, your internal and external links, your social media sites are all correctly configured and linked together.

This is not a tutorial on web design or on SEO. It is just a simple explanation and a glance of what we will do for you in order to improve your visibility online and with it, your income and communication.

Many of our websites rank on the first pages of search engines such as Google, Duck Duck Go and Microsoft’s Bing.
We will do our best to insert yours among them !

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