Piracy temptation by Melki.BIZ Consulting and web design in PhuketSoftware piracy exist in all the countries around the world. The scale of the piracy differs from one country to another but the fact remains the same: Most individuals and companies have the tendency to install cracked free software on their computers if they have the opportunity or the technical skills.

This post is not about the philosophical or political aspect of piracy but about it’s effects on your computer systems.

Piracy brings many problems with it, but the three major ones are:

  • First, and the most obvious problems are viruses. Let’s face it, most cracks and keygen on the market are hidden viruses.
    By viruses, we include also Trojans, worms, rootkits and all other malicious programs that can infect your systems.
    Infected systems tend to become slower and can destroy your data. The loss of data is the most dangerous consequence that can happen to your company.
    It can represent large sums of money, and most importantly, may jeopardize the daily operations of your business.
  • Second, is the risk that the editor of a software that you are using on daily basis neutralizes a crack with and update or patch, or simply with the help of your antiviral protection. Your software will then probably cease to function which means loss of productivity, time and a lot of money.
  • Third, most countries around the world are trying actively to fight piracy. If you get caught, you will have to pay very hefty fines. Again, loss of money, time and productivity.

Software are your tools, and they allow your staff to be efficient and productive. They may be virtual by design, but they represent real physical productivity and income.
The temptation of obtaining illegal free tools is always appealing. But the money you will save this way will prove derisory compared to the sum you will  lose in the future.

But here is the good news: Most pirated software have free and legal open source alternative. We have been promoting this approach to our customers for many years as it guarantees virus free systems, and tools that will always be accessible and fully functional.

Here are some examples:

And the list can goes on and on.

Of course, some programs are so specialized that they justify their purchase. Remember, the most expensive computer is useless without the proper software!

With our expertise, you will be sure to have the best solutions installed throughout your systems.
Your teams will be more efficient, more productive and more connected than your competition.