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  • Freelance Photographer

    The tip came from a friend who recently had his old website redesigned with Melki.BIZ.
    We decided to have a skype chat with Gilbert and knew straight away that he is the one we were looking for. Competent, professional, passionate and most important available whenever we need him.
    He created our website together with extras needed for our business and we are more than happy working with him. Any trouble we had along the way were fixed in an instant.
    Any ideas who needed to be implemented were created with absolute quality.
    His service goes far beyond just creating a website as he helped us with various other little troubles along the way what makes his service a part of our team.
    We not just only can recommend Gilbert, we urge everyone to work with him. Our business relationship will go a long way and we are very glad that he is the one who takes care of our website. We couldn't be in better hands.

    Steffen Binke Photography, Freelance Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Melki.BIZ?

Melki.BIZ is not yet another web design company in Phuket.
We offer you a real consultancy for your business and your online project.
We speak a simple understandable language and not IT jargon!
We assist and coach you from the beginning in order to guarantee the success of your project, and dedicate as much time as needed to make you feel comfortable in the daily use if your online tools.

How long does it take to build a website?

We are very efficient and fast in our work. We can dedicate the necessary workforce to publish the structure of your website and make it available to you in less than a week (for basic websites).
Of course, and depending on the complexity of your project, this can take more time.
In general, a personal/freelance website take 1-2 weeks to be ready, a business website around 2-3 weeks and a corporate website 3-6 weeks.
Your readiness is also very important as we can't "invent" the content you need. You must be able to provide us with a minimum of your own texts and multimedia content.

How much does it costs per page?

Gone are the days when web design companies charged on "per page" basis.
We create for you a platform (CMS) that you can access easily from anywhere and fill in the content you need.
You are master of your own content and can create, modify and delete the pages and articles you need.
We charge you only once for the whole system, and then you are free to add anything you want without any extra cost.

But I am not good in computers

If despite the simple interface of the CMS, you still don't feel comfortable behind a keyboard, we can fill in the content for you.
We include in the package the basic content and structure, and if you need more regular updates and uploads, then we can invoice you in accordance to the workload.
Let's talk about it!

I want my website on top of Google search

This is the request of almost all of our customers. And we always give them the same answer: There's no magic wand to place you there!
Many factors raise a website in the search engine results. It takes a lot of time (and money) to be visible and get a high ranking.
We make sure that your website has what it takes to achieve this. The rest depends entirely on you, and the time, budget and effort you dedicate to this task.