Computer System Analysis by Melki.BIZ ConsultingFor more than 15 years, we have been auditing, analyzing and restructuring computer systems in small and medium sized companies.
Most companies invest a lot of money in purchasing hardware, but they inevitably fall to invest on the proper software that will help them achieve efficiency and improve their daily work.
What we typically observe in small companies is the lack of basic tools and procedures, such as a CRM software, a centralized server, and of course… NO backups !
Most computers are still being used as simple typewriters (Word processing) and sophisticated calculators (Excel spreadsheets).
Piracy is equally a very serious problem as it usually means lots of viruses, Trojans and worms on the company’s network.
Our job is to make sure that you have the most adequate tool to achieve your daily work.

As a Phuket based company, we can easily intervene in your premises. Of course,  as most of our technical intervention are made remotely, we can also serve companies in other regions of Thailand, and even abroad.
The most important step is the first one, which is the complete audit of your current infrastructure. We are not simple “IT guys” !
We have extensive knowledge about how to run and manage companies, how to interact with sales managers, accountants, legal departments and Human resources! We know how to bridge these departments together and make sure that they have the proper tools to communicate.
This is the definition of “Computer Systems Analysis” !