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SEO - Search Engine Optimization consultants - Phuket web design
Many customers ask us whether we can provide SEO services and auditing for their websites?OK, let’s set one thing straight before we start: There are no magic wands and no miracles that will allow your website to be ranked first in search engines results. And, most important… there is no way t ...
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Responsive Web Design - Melki.Biz Consulting
 “We’re just now starting to think about mobile first and desktop second for a lot of our products.”- Kate Aronowitz (Head of Designing, Facebook)More than a billion humans are accessing the net every day. It is estimated that 20-30% of those users are accessing the net through their mobile p ...
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Wordpress Content Management System - Melki.Biz Consulting
It is a platform that offers a back-end system that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content from a central page.OK, a short explanation for the newbies is in order here. When the first websites were published, they were created as simple interconnected “static” pages. These pages were ...
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One out of two Internet users on the planet is part of a social network. Facebook, the indisputable leader of social networking, claims to have over a billion users! That's nearly one out of seven human beings living on earth!We get questions about social networks every day. Some business leaders a ...
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