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SEO - Search Engine Optimization consultants - Phuket web design
Many customers ask us whether we can provide SEO services and auditing for their websites?OK, let’s set one thing straight before we start: There are no magic wands and no miracles that will allow your website to be ranked first in search engines results. And, most important… there is no way t ...
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Computer System Analysis - Melki.BIZ Consulting
For more than 15 years, we have been auditing, analyzing and restructuring computer systems in small and medium sized companies.Most companies invest a lot of money in purchasing hardware, but they inevitably fall to invest on the proper software that will help them achieve efficiency and improve th ...
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Business Consulting and Coaching in Phuket by Melki.BIZ
Most people dream about owning their business and thrive to achieve success and wealth. But having great ideas or skills is not enough to run a company. Being organized and hiring the right people is the key for success.For many years, we have been helping and coaching business owners in their dail ...
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