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Business Consulting and Coaching in Phuket - Melki.BIZMost people dream about owning their business and thrive to achieve success and wealth. But having great ideas or skills is not enough to run a company. Being organized and hiring the right people is the key for success.
For many years, we have been helping and coaching business owners in their daily work. Most of the times, they already established a successful business and are surrounded by great people, but they did not yet reach their full potential.
Sometimes, their business is not running well and they don’t know how to save it.
In all cases, we offer them an “external eye” and an “unbiased opinion” about their business. We allow them to see the bigger picture and offer them solutions to save their business, correct their mistakes and achieve excellency.

We are based in Phuket (Thailand) where we have an extensive knowledge of the market, especially the diving and hospitality industry.
Among the services that we can offer:

  • Business consulting
  • Auditing
  • Staff hiring and coaching
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Computer System Analysis
  • Web design, development and SEO (search engine optimization)
  • e-Commerce
  • Marketing

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a very popular service in the western business world, but not here in Phuket. Most businesses around the island deal mainly with foreigners, and are or franchises, or trying to clone international well established companies.

Although a business is mainly a person/company providing services or products to another person/company, it is a far more complex process than it seems. Marketing, strategy, computer systems, advertisement, staff training, purchases, stocks, displays, transportation…

Most business owners are skilled in one or most of these aspects but rarely all. The success of any business is mainly based upon the people who run it! Simply put, it’s all about the people!

This is where personal coaching is needed. Of course, most structures already have managers and trainers on board, but an external coach is here to help these leaders to reach their full potential.

The coach assists the leaders in their daily work, provide them with an “external opinion” and an “out of box” analysis.
As a westerner, he can help the Thai staff to understand the cultural differences and the expectations of foreign customers.
Most Thai employees and even managers and business owners never had the occasion to travel outside of Thailand. Understanding how international companies operate and how international customers behave becomes their first priority in order to achieve success and satisfy their customers.

The foreign coach is an essential ally who will provide the Thai staff with all the necessary training and information.

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